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  • Chiesa Dante


    Church of Dante,

    the sanctuary of Chiesa di Santa Margherita dei Cerchi

    is more of a chapel than a church."

  • Bargello

    "...The bargello.


    pressed his forehead to

    the cool glass"

  • Corridoio Vasariano

    "...the Vasari Corridor

    was designed by

    Giorgio Vasari

    in 1564 under orders of the Medici ruler,

    Grand Duke Cosimo I..."

One book three cities


Robert Langdon is back and he has replaced his Harris tweed suit and Mickey Mouse watch with a Brioni suit as he goes about solving this new Italian mystery.
The book "Inferno" sets out to challenge a scenario where all of the characters are not what they purport to be.

Amongst the many coup de theatre in the book the striking characters are the three magnificent cities making up the backdrop to this adventure, namely Florence, Venice and Istanbul. On our site you will find details of all of the locations visited by Sienna and Prof. Langdon in their race against time to...

Book your tour in Florence

ssh24If you loved, as we did, Langdon's adventures through the tiny streets of Florence, you can't miss our tour of the city.

The tour starts at 9.15 from Boboli then, after crossing Ponte Vecchio, offers an accurate visit of Palazzo Vecchio. It continues to the Badia Fiorentina, where the book starts and then stops at the Church of Dante where you can learn more about the Divine Comedy.

Immerse yourself in this unusal tour on the trail of Bob Langdon and pick the chance to view Florence from a different perspective, 

all you have to do is book the tour.