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  • Santa Croce

    “And to round out your image of Dante,

    here is

    a statue from the

    Piazza di Santa Croce..."

  • Piazza Signoria


    visits to the Palazzo Vecchio had begun

    here on the

    Piazza della Signoria"

  • Ponte Vecchio

    "...Ponte Vecchio

    the medieval stone bridge that serves as a pedestrian walkway

    into the old city."

One book three cities


Robert Langdon is back and he has replaced his Harris tweed suit and Mickey Mouse watch with a Brioni suit as he goes about solving this new Italian mystery.
The book "Inferno" sets out to challenge a scenario where all of the characters are not what they purport to be.

Amongst the many coup de theatre in the book the striking characters are the three magnificent cities making up the backdrop to this adventure, namely Florence, Venice and Istanbul. On our site you will find details of all of the locations visited by Sienna and Prof. Langdon in their race against time to...

Book your tour in Florence

ssh24If you loved, as we did, Langdon's adventures through the tiny streets of Florence, you can't miss our tour of the city.

The tour starts at 9.15 from Boboli then, after crossing Ponte Vecchio, offers an accurate visit of Palazzo Vecchio. It continues to the Badia Fiorentina, where the book starts and then stops at the Church of Dante where you can learn more about the Divine Comedy.

Immerse yourself in this unusal tour on the trail of Bob Langdon and pick the chance to view Florence from a different perspective, 

all you have to do is book the tour.





First casting for Inferno in Florence

The first shooting of Inferno is set for May 2 in Palazzo Vecchio, where the crew will work until May 7.
About a thousand people in Florence have queued to participate in the casting of the film, in view of the shooting.

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Ron Howard visits Florence for the movie setting

The director came in Florence for a long inspection of the locations of the new movie Inferno.
After visiting the Uffizi gallery he met with the Florence's major Nardella, which showed him the Hall of the Five Hundred where a lot action will take place.

The movie should be in the theatres at the end of 2015, beginning of 2016.

Roberto Benigni declama l'Inferno in Santa Croce


Roberto Benigni torna a Firenze dal 20 luglio al 6 agosto per dodici nuove emozionanti serate. Dopo lo straordinario successo di TuttoDante 2012, che ha portato in Piazza Santa Croce 70 mila spettatori giunti da ogni parte d’Italia, l’attore toscano torna a Firenze con l’esegesi e la lettura di altri 12 canti della Divina Commedia: dal XXIII al XXXIV dell’Inferno.


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A weird place to hang Langdon's jacket

hangerWhen we thought to know every little dirty secret of Palazzo Vecchio, we saw this picture and... wow. It's hanger on the ceiling of Palazzo Vecchio in front of the hall of Cinquecento, almost 20 feet high.

Sienna, what the hell did you do?
More info and pictures form the original source here

Baptistry "by night" new special schedule

Special night opening for the Baptistry of Florence: up to September 28 it will be open all day 11.15AM through 11.00PM on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
The ticket costs 10 € and grants access to all the Santa Maria del Fiore complex (Cathedral, Santa Reparata crypt, Dome, Giotto belltower and museum)

With its 300,000 visitors a year, the Baptistry is now in the news around the world for the new book by Dan Brown 'Inferno'. An essential part of the book takes place in the Baptistry...