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  • Canal grande


    hurried toward them, although as an architecture enthusiast, he found it almost unthinkable to rush a trip along the

    Grand Canal."

  • San Geremia

    "As they rounded a bend in the canal,

    the massive,

    domed Church

    of San Geremia

    came into view."

  • Chiesa San Simeon

    "A stone’s throw across the canal, the iconic verdigris cupola of

    San Simeone Piccolo

    rose into the afternoon


  • Basilica San Marco

    "One of Europe’s finest specimens of



    St. Mark’s

    had a decidedly soft and whimsical appearance."

  • Gondole


    pointed proudly to one of

    the gondolas

    as they powered past it."

  • Murano


    Elizabeth realized,

    recognizing the illustrious



  • Palazzo Ducale

    "The limo had now come even with St. Mark’s Square, and

    the Doge’s Palace

    rose majestically to their right, dominating the shoreline."

  • Piazza San Marco

    "This grand piazza,

    unlike most in Europe, was shaped not in the form of a square

    but rather

    in that of the letter L."

  • Ponte dei Sospiri

    "“Il Ponte dei Sospiri,”



    “A famous Venetian bridge.”"

  • Ponte di Rialto


    the famous

    Rialto Bridge


    the halfway point to

    St. Mark’s Square."

  • Riva degli Shiavoni

    "Visitors to Venice could experience the city’s inimitable atmosphere in any number of breathtaking locales, and yet


    favorite had always been the

    Riva degli Schiavoni."