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Canottieri Firenze

The Club "Canottieri Firenze" was founded in 1911 and took the heraldic colors of the City of Florence that were also used for the uniform. In 1913 the first victories came, and in May 1933 the Club moved to its current headquarter close to the Uffizi Gallery. Today, the Club is composed of 700 members engaged in various sporting activities, both competitive and for amateurs. Paddlers rowing in the Arno are now an icon intimately tied to the traditions of Florence.

Canottieri in the Arno

Beneath her, she noticed a four-man crew shell skimming across the water and passing under the bridge. The hull read SOCIETÀ CANOTTIERI FIRENZE / FLORENCE ROWING CLUB. The shell’s distinctive red-and-white oars rose and fell in perfect unison. Could Langdon have taken a boat across?

Canottieri in the Arno Canottieri in the Arno